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Workplace Strategy and Design Consulting:

Energy Labs at Sino-U.S. Low-carbon Building and Community Innovation Center


Sino-US Low-carbon Building and Community Innovation Center’s Energy Labs (Shenzhen, China)

Design Process and Deliverables


Design Criteria

We developed and defined top criteria that support communication and collaboration, based on current literature and case studies. The criteria were used to strategically inform the design and evaluation of the space.


Design Elements

We elucidated the design elements for each of the 11 criteria.

design elements.PNG

Visual Translation

Case studies and exemplary designs were used to communicate ways to implement the design elements.


Adjacency Diagram

An adjacency diagram was constructed after several interviews (using a translator) to discern workflow, organization, and growth.


Test Fit Matrix

We developed a matrix on which to organize the test fits. The two dimensions were (1) fluidity of the space (flexibility, adaptability) and (2) the level of individual vs. shared space.

test fit matrix.PNG

Floor Plans

With each floor plan, we provided a custom evaluation and annotations, including programming, amenities, and product recommendations. We created many iterations based on client and advisor feedback. 

Fun fact: These are my first ever creations in Revit!

Fit 1.PNG

Sample Layout with Rating System

Fit 4.PNG

Sample Hot-Desking Layout with Rating System

4.1 annotation.PNG

Sample Alternative Layout with Annotations and Programming Suggestions

Fit 3 Annotation.PNG

Sample Layout with Annotations and Programming Suggestions

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