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Workplace Strategy and Design Consulting​:

Office of Global Learning: Education Abroad


Office of Global Learning: Education Abroad (formerly Cornell Abroad)

Design Process and Deliverables

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

We developed and defined top criteria that support communication and collaboration, based on current literature and case studies. The criteria were used to strategically inform the design and evaluation of the space.

Proposed Floor Plans

The client requested two proposals: (1) a budget option and (2) a 'visionary' option. For each proposal there are three spaces: a large office, a smaller office, and a meeting room.

Virtual Journey Maps

We combined personas, storytelling, and renderings to infuse our design proposals with life. At the final pitch, we wanted the diverse members of the client group to feel they were heard, to have empathy for each other's experiences, and to envision themselves in the space. I scripted stories that were told aloud in synchrony with the virtual tours. From the first person perspective, the journey mirrored the typical experience of two distinct users: a mid-level employee and a student user. The stories were infused with bits of the client group's personality and spliced with slivers of their unique experiences we gathered during the discovery phase.


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